Tuesday, March 24, 2009

|first words and ironic circumstances|

Welcome to |confessions of a font snob|! Until now, I have only blogged on MySpace. Fortunately for me, the latest assignment in my Web Design class necessitated the birth of an online blog (ultimately for inclusion on my Web site-in-progress). I am thrilled for this excuse to begin and maintain my very own blog site.

At first, I wasn't sure what specific topic to blog about. Then I realized... as a graphic design student, one specific area of design emerged as my passion: typography. After taking a Typography class I saw fonts in a whole new way, learning the names of letter parts, studying type designers, and memorizing common typefaces well enough to recognize a font by a single letter. This semi-obsessiveness led me to label typefaces I encounter daily as terrific, typical, or tragic.

Using this blog, I will dissect fonts by posting designs I stumble upon with good/poor use of typography. Or typefaces that are simply way overused or way ugly. You'll soon develop a designer's eye and spot the rotten fonts. Together, we can rid the world of hideous type. You + font snob = scrumtrulescence.

-J. Gibb

P.S. You know what's ironic? I went to customize the layout and appearance of this blog, and what did I discover? There are a whopping five fonts from which to choose. It's an unfair world. But I settled on Georgia. ;-D

P.P.S. :-O>>> That's me giving a shout-out to BFF Kelly Zumwalt for sharing the Periodic Table of Typefaces.


Mitch said...

These are necessary to have with you at any time:


J. Gibb said...

Best. Ever. Bless you, sir!

Anonymous said...

Yeeees! My first shout out ever.

Cherise Hill said...

I love this! Justin, it just shows that everything that is good originates with science, whether people admit it or not. ;)